The client has the right to put a claim provided by law “On the protection of the rights of customers” to the sail assistant through the administration of the Web Site in relation to defects of goods.

As to goods the administration of the Web Site as an authorized person is responsible for defects of goods will not prove that the damage was made after transfer of goods to the client as a result of violation of rules of usage, storing or transporting the goods, actions of third parties or force majeure circumstances.

There is no warranty period on the goods, or if there is they are displayed in description of goods.   

All issues are decided through our support service.

We have a huge experience in delivery crystal items abroad; we had improved the wrapping technology- every item is wrapped separately. If somehow one of the goods was damaged during the transportation, Please take a pictures of it and send it to us. The product will be compensated at the expense of the company.

You have to contact us, describe the problem and give the following information:

  1. Name, Last Name.

  2. Number of order, your Email, contact phone number.

  3. Picture of damaged goods 

The administration of the Web Site is not responsible for damage of the client as a result of improper usage of the goods ordered through the mediation of the web site as well as the absence of any technical documentation during the delivery of goods by the shop assistant.